Heritage Village

As our development of the Heritage Village continues many unique, irreplaceable buildings have been saved from destruction.

The continued development of the Heritage Village continues apace, the area now comprising of over a dozen relocated buildings.

The Village currently contains a barn, cottages, a jail, school dental clinic and a church. The church - St Ita's Church (was first opened in 1911 at Hinds, South Canterbury), was gifted to Lady Isaac and moved to the site in April 2006. An established oak tree was also transplanted with the church.

The heritage of the Village buildings dates from between c1860 and c1940. The setting of the buildings is intended to reflect specific architectural styles within that time period, in essence developing an outdoor 'museum' of built heritage. All are historic buildings that have been threatened with demolition elsewhere and moved to the Park to preserve them. 

While at present the Village is not open to the general public it is planned for this to change as more buildings are relocated here as they become available.