With a focus split across three main areas our care of this land goes beyond every day.

There are three major focuses for the Trust at both a long-term and every day level.

Fauna conservation - Protecting wildlife involves the continued development of Peacock Springs and its specialised captive breeding programmes for endangered endemic bird, reptile and fish species. This site was the first to be quarried, and encompasses approximately 200 hectares. Quarrying is now mostly finished, with the majority of land rehabilitation completed. Efforts now concentrate on the ongoing success of the captive breeding programme, and maintaining the network of water bodies.

Flora conservation – Re-vegetation is another vital part of the overall plan. Efforts focus on a vast range of native vegetation across parts of the 1100 ha site. Native planting is an ongoing exercise and examples include Otukaikino Stream (South Branch / Waimakariri River). Walking tracks will be developed on the land adjacent to Otukaikino Stream, so that the general public can enjoy access to the river and observe the native planting programme.

Historic building conservation – A process embodied by the creation and development of the Heritage Village. These buildings are rescued from demolition and brought to the site to be fully restored.