The dedication and skill of the next generation will ensure this land can be enjoyed for many generations to come. Our commitment to continued education recognises this value.

The promotion of education and research is vital in the ongoing quest for the conservation of wildlife and the environment. It is a key objective of The Isaac Conservation and Wildlife Trust.

The Trust has a close working relationship with both Lincoln and Canterbury universities. Lady Isaac herself held honorary doctorates from both universities, and Lincoln University is the home of the Isaac Centre for Nature Conservation. 

Working closely with Lincoln University the Trust has developed planting regimes throughout the area. 

The Trust also funds post-graduate scholarships for students at both universities. At Canterbury there is the Sir Neil Isaac Scholarship in Geography. At Lincoln University two Diana Isaac conservation scholarships are available. School groups also tour the Peacock Springs facility regularly. 

Without the education of future generations the gains of yesterday and today will be lost. The investment in this area is both a service to the greater community and a valuable tool for the Trust in the future.